Ladies hostel near PSG Arts- SRS Ladies Hostel

In a state of overpopulated cities where traffic and travel are very time consuming factors, our lives seem so wasted in travel and traffic. Through that torment, shines a ray of hope, in the form of ladies hostel near PSG College, convenient for those who are students at the college but for working ladies too.

Since 2011, we have eased this challenge, of travel and time wasted with our ladies hostel near Krishnammal College; this saves the ladies from the torment of having to travel from distant locations to and from college. And for those form other parts of the country and alone in the city, it is the perfect solution. Perfectly elegant designer rooms, all furnished offer you a choice of two beds, three beds in rooms or four beds in accommodation featuring spacious living space, and hygienic. Free Pick up & drop convenience for few colleges and IT parks, all secure with a personal level of service expectation. With a capacity to accommodate 350 ladies we ensure all the comforts of home to meet your expectations.

Let’s look at your comforts and needs that to have; for your clothes, and personal effects in transit you have a personal, dedicated wardrobe all to yourself, no intrusions and your privacy guaranteed. Your room is spacious, airy, well ventilated and air-conditioned (optional), with the quiet and peace you need when you get back home from a long day at work or college. Your bedroom is equipped with a LED TV and cable connection for your hours of relaxation and entertainment. Your private bedroom has an attached bathroom just for you, hygienically cleansed and disinfected every day; you also get a 24 hour water supply in your bath. You will also have the use of a fully automated washing machine and the entire facility is fitted with uninterrupted power supply you can do your laundry any time of the day or night. The hostel is connected to unlimited high speed internet. Your room and toiled is cleaned on an everyday basis. To improve your fitness level and levels of conscious living you have a yoga centre and gym. The hostel boasts a of a professional, experienced catering team, that ensure you healthful nutrition, and your testbeds are well looked after as you improve your health and supplement your diet with healthful homemade meals, a choice of veg and non veg.

For those that are students it can be a lot of fun even having your classmates living with you, and sharing the same goals and ambitions. The facility has been home to a multicultural crowd that learn a lot about each other’s cultures, oftentimes celebrating and having parties.

As Coimbatore is not a very thickly populated city the volume of traffic you face is much less, and therefore air pollution is much lower encouraging a healthy you to get healthier. Coimbatore is also a modern city with multiplexes, shopping malls, sports facilities and centres. Last and not the least, is your safety and security at the hostel. We have a 24/7 surveillance and this is manned round the clock. We do not take this lightly although Coimbatore is a relatively safe place, you are completely safe on the campus and will not be disturbed, and with regard to your privacy which we respect, you will again have our assurance and word of honour on that.

Our hostel facilities are located conveniently close to and within walking distance from Avinashi Road, PKD Nagar (Opposite to Varadharaja Mills) and Sri Nagar (Hope College). Our Branch Locations, here for you right across Coimbatore.

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